Boss LADY….

Today started out grim, after a disturbing phone call with bad news about my grandma…. ( a long story, one I will tell, as it is amazing, soon enough). I was finally able to get good news out of the situation, so that turned out.. for now!   My friend, boss and training partner made my day by giving the sweetest thank you gift that was so very unexpected. I was not sure how to react, I am not used to big  thank you’s, I think I am getting spoiled. 

Isn’t it great to be able to change your day, from bad to good, so quickly. She really turned it around for me. I think that all people need is a kind gesture to make them smile and start their day out great. It would be so easy to wake up every morning and blurt out a compliment and to receive one as well. But usually we don’t. Technically life doesn’t always throw happy days or people our way, but when it does WOW !  Thank you Boss Lady!

Thank goodness for my change in attitude. My idiot neighbors  reach every nerve ending with their idiotic, rude, disrespectful, wanna-be gangster, bad parenting, neighborhood ruining  actions…. Thank you Boss Lady for I may have gotten into trouble today without you.  I think I will introduce my neighbors to the blogging world very soon.. Spice the page up a bit!

Off for a yummy vegan style burger for dinner! (I love to eat meat.. but for today we are going for the plant proteins)

I ate 6 cookies today, gave myself a belly ache, but they were so damn good…. back to clean eating tomorrow after 6 more cookies!


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