Here we go……

On this happy Sunday morning as I have been enjoying coffee, and my protein shake (YUM), I have been reflecting on my training career, and what type of trainer and person I want to be. I think in the fitness world (no I know) being a trainer is a multi- dimensional position. One  can not beat the sweat out of a person and then send them home without further instruction or words of advice and expect them to morph into a “A” student. There is more too it, more involvement and commitment.   These people need a rock to lean on… maybe someone that is strong in mind body and spirit, and able to  give them the knowledge they need, to feel confident in themselves as the emotions and sweat pour from them. Someone to keep them moving as they ache and fell like they are starving, and one to keep them away form the cookies as they have cravings…. cookies… who does not love cookies….. Wait a minute… I need this person too, I think we all do. I bet if we try really hard, we can find the person within ourselves. That’s it…. that is what I need to do… find myself, my confident, strong, compassionate, organized, healthy, loving self, and then share it….   Seems easy.. yeah right….

On another note: Family time today, we are making an awning to go over my babies pool to protect her precious skin form the sun!  Today is goign to be a great day!


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